We are living in a digital world where algorithms are impacting the daily life of individuals and societies across the globe. The practical and policy challenges of the digital age are immense and they transcend traditional national borders.

Hosted by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 2nd International Conference on Digital Diplomacy will bring diplomats, practitioners and experts from around the world together to discuss how Foreign Ministries, and governments more generally, can and must learn to adapt to the algorithmic dynamics of today's (and tomorrow's) internet. Particular focus will be given to the challenges posed by the manipulation and exploitation of social networks to promote hate and discord and advance hostile and violent agendas.

The practice of diplomacy in the digital era requires new thinking, new skills and new partnerships. The 2nd International Conference on Digital Diplomacy will serve as a high-level forum for generating greater understanding, engagement and collaboration between governments, civil society and the major internet companies in the service of a safe, open and vibrant digital world.

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