The practice of diplomacy in the digital era requires new thinking, new skills, and new partnerships. #DDConf2017, the Second International Conference on Digital Diplomacy, organized and hosted by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, brought together 120 diplomats, digital diplomacy practitioners, and experts from over 25 countries to discuss the current and future state of digital diplomacy, including issues surrounding the impact of algorithms on diplomacy and international affairs, the challenges of online extremism, the use of data in the service of foreign policy objectives, relations between governments and the big intent firms and more. This blog will serve as a platform for continuing those discussions and sharing material on developments in digital diplomacy.

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on 29 Nov 2018 2:07 PM

Welcome to Jerusalem, to our Foreign Ministry headquarters and to this conference.

It's great to have so many colleagues from around the world – over 30 countries are represented here today – together with us. I'm also pleased to welcome many partners, colleagues and experts from here in Israel. It's great to have you all here at the MFA.

We are delighted to be hosting you all, and we hope that we will all have an interesting and valuable couple of days together. The team from our digital diplomacy department have put together a great program and I want to congratulate them on their work.

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on 07 Dec 2017 2:18 PM